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Making the difference between surviving and thriving

Resilient individuals have the capacity to respond and adapt to whatever comes their way. Even when emotions are high, they have the skills to keep perspective, think clearly, focus on the main issue and remain optimistic.

Resilient children flourish; resilient adults are rocks for children who have yet to develop their own resilience; resilient employees are productive and resilient businesses and organizations prosper.

And resilience can be taught…
Petros is a not-for-profit organization offering resilience training and courses. Dedicated to enhancing resilience for life. From childhood to adulthood, for individuals, families and organizations, resilience skills can make the difference between just surviving and positively thriving.

Assessment, training and coaching with individuals and groups.

Events and training programmes

We offer a range of programmes and training for individuals and teams, creating more resilient, balanced and productive people. Our Petros Resilient Children programme also ensures we can work with children and their parents to build more resilient young people, families and stronger communities.

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Challenge of Change - resilience training and courses - Petros, York, UK

Challenge of Change 1 day course, 18th November

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Petros - resilience training and courses for life

Resilience for Life

We work within schools, the wider community and the UK criminal justice system developing resilience in behaviourally challenging children and supporting their families.

Our child-centred interventions for young people, who may be struggling with demands of growing up in an ever more complex world, are supported by work with key adults in their lives.

We begin with a thorough educational assessment, discover more…

Petros - Resilience for Business, York

Resilience for Business

Training and consultancy

See a dramatic reduction in sickness absence and a rise in performance and profitability.

Develop a resilient culture with resilient people. From individual assessments and coaching, to training an entire workforce and consultant of resilient practices – supporting the aims and profitability of your organization. Our training modules include:

Challenge of Change

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Professional Style and Impact

Petros - Resilience Research

Resilience Research

Evaluation of interventions and measuring psychological treatment effectiveness

Central to our values, we always aim to ensure that everything we do is as effective and sustainable as possible. As such, all aspects of our work are thoroughly evaluated.

In addition to being highly experienced practitioners, our core team also has an extensive academic background. This ensures access to the most up-to-date research, opportunities to bid for research funding and comprehensive knowledge of research design and methodology.